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Whether you would like a free quote to make a map, some advice about publishing your own map, creating a custom designed map for your business using your own data, or some other cartography project where we source data for you, please contact us by phone or email as we are always happy to talk about making maps.

Before doing so, try to answer as many of the questions listed below as possible as this will help us decide the most efficient and cost effective method of assisting you.

1. Proposed purpose of the map – who will be using it? What is the theme?
2. Area to be covered (name of the region, specify some lat/long co-ordinates, define the extremities by known features such as towns, or send us a screenshot from Google Maps).
3. Finished size of map in millimetres or page size eg. A4, A3, A1 etc. Bear in mind this may be influenced by point 2.
4. Approximate scale (if known).
5. What features do you require to be shown? eg, highways, major/minor roads, railways, administrative boundaries, rivers, creeks, lakes, cities, major towns, small towns, parks, reserves, forest, relief shading etc (consider the map purpose when making this list).
6. How many colours are required? eg. single colour (black and white) or full colour.
7. Delivery method – if a digital file please specify a format eg. PDF, high res JPG or Adobe Illustrator/EPS.
8. Is printing required? We can arrange to have your custom map printed in small or large quantities and delivered anywhere in Australia by our quality print suppliers.
9. If the map is part of a publication, would you like us to also design and layout your brochure, pamphlet, book or poster etc?

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